Revolut Agreement

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to establish a direct contractual relationship with the card system or another third party in order to use the services. Like what. B, if you are dealing with mastercard or visa transactions worth at least $1 million per year (i.e. in all currencies), you may need to establish a direct contractual relationship with a cash purchaser and us. If you need to enter into such a direct agreement, we will let you know in advance. If you do not reach an agreement within a reasonable time, we may suspend or suspend your use of the Services or refuse to process payments over $1 million (or equivalent payments) per year in Mastercard or Visa transactions. Once the agreement has begun, it will not stop until you or we do. These conditions, as well as our business conditions, pricing sites, privacy policy and other general terms and conditions that apply to our services, constitute a legal agreement between: You can only do so if we accept separately in writing that you can do so. If we do not have a separate agreement, you cannot use Revolut`s trademarks or other intellectual property rights, including, without restriction, Patents, invention rights, copyrights and neighbouring rights, moral rights, corporate names and domain names, derup rights, goodwill and right to sue for unfair assignment or competition, design rights, api documentation, computer software, database rights, user rights and protection of the confidentiality of confidential information (including know-how and trade secrets) and any other intellectual property rights, without any separate licensing agreement with us. The agreement binds you, but you can allow other people (delegates) to perform certain activities on your behalf. There are three different categories of delegates, all of which are designated in this document as qualified persons. If you have agreed that direct deposits to your card account will be made at least once every 60 days by the same person or company and you do not receive a receipt/report (or Paystub), you can contact us via the Revolut mobile app or send an email to to find out if the deposit was made or not. If the payment terms apply to a payment method, we will notify you before using the method and the terms of payment will be part of that agreement as soon as you use the payment method.

We can add, delete or change payment methods at any time. If we do, we will add, delete or change the corresponding payment terms and let you know. Your continued use of a payment method represents your consent to these additions, moves and modifications. Payment terms from time to time are set in Schedule 3. Our privacy statement (the «Data Protection Statement») explains how we use and process personal data and applies to the provision of services. You confirm that you have read the privacy policy. The wholesale terms that are used in this section, but are not defined, have the meaning given to them in the relevant data protection laws. If you prefer, you can file your complaint via this form. Or you can email us to You must tell us: if you accept or deal with transactions prohibited by these conditions, the terms of business or other laws or agreements between us, or if we believe that your company exposes us to an unacceptable risk, we may immediately cease or suspend your use of the services or refuse, refund, condition or suspend activities that we consider to be an offence.

We can also do this if we think you`re trying or you`re probably going to do one of those things, even if you don`t really do it.