University Of Ottawa Faculty Collective Agreement

The University of Ottawa Teachers` Association (APUO) is a professional association and a certified union representing 1,311 full-time professors, librarians, language teachers and continuing education teachers for special appointments (CSAP). The general objective of the association is to promote the interests and well-being of its members through collective bargaining and other appropriate means. Please note that we are in the process of negotiating a new collective agreement with the university administration. While waiting for an agreement between the parties, your salary remains the same as that of 2018-2019. If we get an increase in your position, you will receive compensation for hours worked after August 31, 2019. The latest news! Letter of understanding on the impact of student assessments for the fall 2020 semester The association was able to renew the letters of understanding on the assessment of students used to evaluate distance education. Therefore, the remuneration of scientific assistants paid by sources other than the university`s operational fund, such as grants to external agencies, should normally be at least the same rate as for scientific assistants paid from the university`s operating budget (Article 30.2). Table of Subjects COVID-19 Academic and Professional Output LOU Update Winter 2021 Course Syllabi OCUFA Results University of Ottawa Library Open Educational… Read more The table below shows the rates of pay for the various positions covered by the CUPE 2626 collective agreement. For more information on rates of pay, see Article 32 of the agreement (please note that incorrect rates of pay are currently posted on the university`s website). These rates apply to positions funded by the University of Ottawa`s operating budget (Article 32.1). APUO has successfully signed Memorandums of Understanding (LOUs) with headquarters to protect the interests of its members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the CURRENTLY in effect: while the evaluation of student-specific education is no longer in effect during the COVID-19 period, APUO and headquarters have agreed that the employer will not produce A-reports for the fall 2020 mandate.

APUO members will receive the amended process agreed upon for the winter and spring/summer 2020 conditions, a report containing the results of students` responses to all questions and comments in the questionnaire, known as the «P-Report» and which can be used in promotion and mandate applications if a member does so. Dear members, we are pleased to inform you that the APUO managed yesterday, after a day of mediation with headquarters, to change the version of… Read more Dear Members, in this press release we provide a brief update of four letters of understanding (LOUs) regarding the covid-19 pandemic. Evaluation of students in teaching… To learn more about students recruited for a position under the CupE 2626 collective agreement and who have obtained a diploma beforehand (in each field of study), the final salary is paid at the end-of-study salary (s. 32.2.3). Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom! For the first time, the meeting takes place entirely online and is accompanied by a simultaneous interpretation service. To participate, you must complete your registration in advance. In this step, you can read the official public statement of the APTPUO here.