Wp 29 1958 Agreement

The country can accede to the 1958 agreement, in accordance with Article 6 of the agreement, by submitting an instrument of accession to the Secretary General of the EEC-UN. The agreement enters into force on the 60th day following the tabling of the accession instrument (Article 7). The Secretary-General informs all contracting parties of the effective date of this accession (Article 14). The EEC-UN secretariat will provide the country`s code number to the new contracting party. A country that has become a contracting party can then apply either all UN regulations attached to the 1958 Convention, only part of which or none of them. When filing its membership instrument, any new party may declare that it is not bound by certain regulations (Article 1, paragraph 5). The contracting party applying a regulation communicates to the EEC-UN secretariat the names and addresses of the technical services responsible for conducting the authorisation tests and administrative services that issue authorizations and which must be forwarded in other countries to certification forms or to a refusal or withdrawal of authorisation. The 1998 agreement is a comprehensive agreement and is being paralleled with the 1958 agreement. It establishes a process that allows countries in all regions of the world to jointly develop global technical regulations (GTRs) for vehicles and their components. The aim of the agreement is to encourage the participation of different countries in the NIR without recognizing the mutual recognition of accreditations or certifications. Situation in May 2013: there are 33 parties to the 1998 agreement. The title of the agreement is: «Agreement establishing global technical rules for wheeled vehicles, equipment and parts that can be mounted and/or used on wheeled vehicles,» signed in Geneva on 25 June 1998.

This document is available to the public on the Wp.29 website at: www.unece.org/trans/main/wp29/wp29wgs/wp29gen/geninf135.htmlOn 17 November 2004, the Executive Committee (AC.3) of the 1998 agreement adopted the first UN GTR for door locks and door restraint (UN GTR No.